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A citizen from Paraguay who will hold their head up proud and will not take shit from anybody and will sip his/her tea with dignity. So fuck you.
I'm Paraguayan.
Ha Mow my lawn bitch
How about I mow your face asshole
by A Rebel October 11, 2010
The place thats better then America cause theyre not racist stupid government fucks.
Ameirca sucks
I'm moving to Canada
Count me in
by A Rebel October 11, 2010
The great state that ended up being the play toy of the fucking idiots of MTV and the Jersey Shore. A show that has no point to exist and should be thrown off air immediately and no I'm not from joisey.
Hey where you from.
New Jersey
Oh youz from Joizey
No, I'm from New Jersey. You need special ed-classes.
by A Rebel October 11, 2010
Probably the gayest sport ever. You're gay if you like watching "big, strong mean who probably aren't using steroids just to look cool" tackle each other on the ground while carrying a pig skin ball. Grow a pair and play Rugby you pussys
Sunday night american football! Yes!
No footballs gay. were watching futbal or rugby
by A Rebel October 11, 2010
First of all, it's futball not soccer. what gives America the right to change a great sports name into something that gay just because a gay sport has that name. Fuck America and their shittty futball team. England all the way.
It's futball not soccer bitch
by A Rebel October 11, 2010
A country founded as a melting pot which became the most racist shit hole ever to walk the earth. One Hispanic alone will be made fun of by white trash goverment ruling mother fuckers. FUCK AMERICA.
Dude where you moving.
United States of America.
Don't, it's a piece of shit, move to Canada. No ones racist there.
I finally understand.
by A Rebel October 11, 2010
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