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First and foremost,...ITALIANS AND ONLY ITALIANS CAN BE A GUIDO! The REAL Guido is a rare thing these days. The real Guidos are in their 30's and 40's now. They were children of the 70's and 80's when the Guido movement was at its prime. Not like these wanna be jerk offs you see now. With that in mind,...theres a few things I need to get off my hairy chest:

NO and I repeat NO Guido would EVER EVER wear the $hit these kids wear today.

Ultra baggy jogging suits by Sean Jean, Roccawear and FUBU? (ESPECIALLY FUBU which Stands for "FOR US BY US" a black company, aimed at marketing to the black community,..HELLO,...They dont WANT us buying it and wearing it, and some ignorant wannabes keep buying them!) Were Italians,..not "wiggers" smarten up! In the 80's we wore Sergio T and Fila Jogging suits,..Now we wear $300 Genellis and Alan Stuarts.

And The hats,..whats with the hats? Baseball hats tilted to the side? Another Wigger thing! Gimmie a Fu&king break! Guidos spend too much time on their hair to cover it with a gay "Von Dutch" hat. If your gonna wear a hat,..wear it normally,..have some class.

Yes, we still swear gold chains, bracelets, pinky rings and watches. We dont wear our chains over our shirts,..we havent done that since the 80's! Yes its YELLOW gold, not white and we dont wear TRENDY platenium. Thats a fad,..Yellow gold is classy and timeless. Wearing platenium chains with giant crosses and other charms is stupid,..Dont do it

In a few years,..when you look back at pics of yourselves,...with your crooked hat,..wigger clothes and jumbo chains you'll embarassed by that $hit. And you should be! Wannabe!
The Gotti Kids?,...Wiggers,...NOT Guidos.
by A REAL Cugine! April 20, 2005
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