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Blown Clam Syndrome is when a perfectly good white girl beds down with a negro or several negros. Causing irreversible dammage to her perfectly good clam due to long periods of wear and tear on her clam from oversized negro dongs. It is not unheard of to have a clam that is perminantly open and lips that are stretched like a roosters gobbler.
1. Damn that camel toe looks huge. That's no camel toe, it's blown clam syndrome.

2. Science has proven a direct relationship between Rap music and Blown Clam Syndrome.

3. Blown Clam Syndrome is at it's highest level in 50 years.
by A Palumbo August 27, 2007
Philadelphia tradition: grown men dress like women and bums get wacked on drugs and booze, play banjos, tubas, and flutes while running through the streets causing mayhem. The mummers are divided by brigades, fancies, comics, gays, trannies, post and pre op transexuals. Mummers are known to take a full year to make thier costumes. Women are prohibited from becoming mummers. Sexual relations between the mummer men is commenplace as there judgement is often so impaired during the parade. Most mummers are Eagle fans.
I watched two drunken mummers blow each other on new years day!
by A Palumbo August 27, 2007
To carry the mutant MC1R gene that throws off redheads. A normal dark haired guy who can only have redhead children.
I was baffled when the doctor told us we had been salfatta as both of our twin boys had shocking red hair.

My sperm had the salfatta gene, just look at my kids!
by A Palumbo August 26, 2007
A manchild who tries to sell with a deep staten island accent. Often a salisman will have deep yellow stains on his unwashed fingers from smoke and nicotine. The salisman will almost always have a low closing percentage and be forced to wear out of style clothing. The salisman will let his eyebrows grow to unheard of lengths. He will act much like a fatta and in the summer months resort to wearing his shorts very long in the salfatta style. Many salismen have been rubbed by the testemorph.
Sally cried out "Please Wobert, DON'T MAKE ME A SALISMAN!"
by A Palumbo August 27, 2007
The Philadelphia Eagles are the second best american football team next to the New England Patriots. They are both owned by friends who happen to be Jewish. Both owners met at a camp as youths in the catskill mountain range.

The ultimate goal of the two owners is to pull as much money out of the fans as possible. The winning of championships is secondary to the money that must be made.

Lucky for the owners much of the fans consist of salisman and testemorphs.
The philadelphia eagles are one big ass cash register!! -- Jeff Lurie.
by A Palumbo August 27, 2007

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