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Fall Out Boy is a band that everyone loves to hate. Fall Out Boy fans are hated even more than the band itself, just for liking the music. Fall Out Boy's disgruntled ill-wishers feel the need to, for some reason, mercilessly thrash anyone who admits having a fondness for the band at all. Unless you despise Fall Out Boy with every fiber of your being, you will probably be damned by the endless swarms of bitching hate-mongers who feel it is their duty to try and make every Fall Out Boy fan look like a mindless bastard/"queer". Fall Out Boy anti-fans are assholes, simply put. They're the kind of people that, if you see them walking down the street, you just wanna punch the hell out of 'em. They're the kind of people that can't respect anyone else's opinion, at all.
I was walking across the parking lot at school listening to Fall Out Boy. Some random guy asked me what I was listening to, I told him, and so he proceeded by ripping my headphones off of my head and tossing them on the ground. Then I beat the shit out of him.
by A Mouthful Of Wisdom April 08, 2006

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