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1. One who believes in "Freedom FROM Religion", rather than realizing that the Constitution says "Freedom of Religion".
2. One who demands students or teachers who are seen praying at school to be punished.
3. A person who hates anything in reference to Christianity, traditional family structure, God Bless America, and the support of George W. Bush and the military troops being in Iraq.
4. A person who promotes freedom of speech and open-mindedness, but are closed-minded and intolerant of those who don't see their point of view or support their far-leftist ideas and agendas.
5. One who believes that all Republicans are either Southern or Midwestern Rednecks, OR, they are rich business people, CEOs, and professionals with high-paying jobs (see also yuppies).
6. Somebody who accuses Republicans of being racist bigots, even though there are millions of minority members in the Republican Party.
I was challenged by a liberal one day for my Christian faith when he saw me praying out in public. He criticized me and claimed I was forcing my religion on him even though I said I was just practicing my freedom of religion, whereupon I also let him know that I didn't expect him to follow my Baptist faith, but he just yelled out at me "REDNECK! REDNECK! YOU FUCKING WARMONGERING, GAY-BASHING, BIBLE-BEATING,CHRISTIAN REDNECK!!!" I said nothing, and then noticed everyone telling him to "Shut the Hell up!"

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