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The protagonist of both Resident Evil 2 and 4,he was an ex-RPD officer before the initial outbreak that occurs in Raccoon city. After the incidents of Resident Evil 2 he is hired as a secret agent for the President of the US. In the latest installation of the series he is in search of the abducted daughter of the president in a secluded village in Spain.
Leon S. Kennedy is deeply in love with Ada Wong
by A Merchant November 03, 2007
One of the two protagonist that stars in the prequel Resident Evil 0, she is the youngest of the fictional STARS Bravo team. She is highly adept in mixing different healing concotions with herbs. Sole survivor of her division of the STARS team.
Wow your so good with mixing herbs...

Rebecca Chambers: Thank you
by A Merchant November 03, 2007
A non-playable character in the game Resident Evil 4, he is first found locked inside a closet tied and ductaped. Luis is a spaniard whom was a trusted servant of Osmund Saddler before he was locked up for betrayal. Little is known about him except that he is a researcher of the Las Plagas parasite and works for the same secret organization as Ada Wong.
Luis Sera: My name is a Luis Sera, I use to be a cop but now I'm just a good for nothing uy who seems to be quite the lady's man.
by A Merchant November 03, 2007
One of the two protagonist that stars in the prequel Resident Evil 0, he is an ex-marine convict that was on his way to his execution before the first outbreak that occured on the Ecliptic Express caused by the late James Marcus.
Bill Coen: Look we need to stick together to get out of this mess

Rebecca: I don't work with convicts..

Billy Coen: Suit yourself.
by A Merchant November 03, 2007
The train that appears in Resident Evil 0 that is occupied with Umbrella researchers. It is ambushed by the ressurected James Marcus' progenitor leeches, and is the very first outbreak that occurs within the series.
That was a hell load of leeches that landed on the Ecliptic Express
by A Merchant November 03, 2007
A really good martial arts movie with Wu Jing (finally as a protagonist/good guy), Ronald Cheng, Miki Yeung, Theresa Fu. It also is quite sad.. well not gonna spoil it!
Ronald - "I'm gonna show you a trick"
Gangster dude - "What lame trick is it this time?"
Ronald - "Better not blink, or your gonna miss alot"

Fatal Contact is a good Wu Jing movie!
by A Merchant September 25, 2007

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