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1 definition by A Lover of 'The Longley'

Longley is a term used to describe someone who has 'legend status'. taken from the south london surname of the mid 50s and 60s where the longleys were a 'legendary force' in the mitcham, wimbledon, balham and fulham area. to be a 'longley' was to be an untouchable. now spread to more suburban areas 'longley' is someone who people look up to and admire.
person1: what's wrong?
person2: got alot of trouble with people at school
person1: av u spoken to longley about it - im sure his quick whitted sense of humour can put them in their place
person2: yeah, i might do that - good old longley - he's one of a kind - a hero amongst men
by A Lover of 'The Longley' May 06, 2007