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Not to be confused with "get over it," to "get over" is 70's African American slang for getting through the hard times. The opposite of "going under," when a person gets over they manage not to fall apart when things are bad.

In a more simple use, "getting over" occasionally was used to mean dealing with bills/taxes and getting out of the red.
"We gotta get over before we go under." James Brown

"United we can get over, and yet we're still apart." Willie Hutch

Sentence: "There's nothing I won't do if it means getting over for another day."
by A Lone Jazzman December 03, 2011
Early 20th century African American slang for a black woman. Appears occasionally in older jazz/blues tunes.

Occasionally used in the form "my brown" to mean "my girlfriend."
You'll see pretty browns,
In beautiful gowns,
You'll see tailor-mades,
And hand me downs.
by A Lone Jazzman December 01, 2011

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