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One of the Seven Great Demon Lord, representing the Sin of Gluttony. Why he does, no one really know, sense he's skinny as a toothpick. Don't let his toothpick status fool you, he's absolutly badass, with his two guns, the Beren Hena, as his weapons. He gets even more powerful, when he reaches Blast Mode, and becomes even more powerful as Beelzemon X. He stands at the top of the Nightmare Soldiers, and, to be honest, is a bit cocky. He never preys on the weak, though. He will only look for an opponent as strong as himself.
The name's Beelzemon. The top of the nightmare soldiers, and the Demon Lord of Gluttony.
by A Little Piece of Heaven August 05, 2009
One of the Seven Great Demon Lords, representing the Sin of Lust. Known well for her corroding hand, the Nazar Nail, and her lustful appearence. She can basicly make anyone who comes across her yeild to temptation, before bringing them to their demises. Known for having one of the biggest chest in all of the digital world, and the evoltuion of LadyDevimon.
'I am the Great Demon Lord of Lust, Lilithmon!'
by A Little Piece of Heaven August 04, 2009
The name for a person who cleans like a hurricane. Not to mention when he/she has a malfunction about if it's not cleaned to their expectations. Houses are usually so clean, they could actually see themselves it. Usually has a habit of cleaning and rearranging everything and anything in someones house...most of the time without their permission.
God, my mom is such a cleaning nazi! She made me clean my room twice in the last hour!
by A Little Piece of Heaven August 19, 2009

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