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The vomit that can only occur after a dog has eaten its own, or another animals, feces. It is a dazzling mixture of vomit and feces that causes a chain reaction of gagging and/or vomiting, making it very difficult to clean up.
"Dude, your dog just puped on the floor."
or "who's gonna clean up the pupe, because I can't stop gagging"
by A Ling January 16, 2010
An older gothic man who is far too old to be hanging out with teenage goth kids or dressing like an Anne Rice character, seen as a sort of father figure by the younger, more impressionable gothic teenagers. He is usually a supplier of hallucenogens and ecstacy in the hopes of bagging a child. In essence, he is a pedophile who wears theatrical makeup and ridiculous pop-in fangs.
Hey, we're all meeting at Sabbath's house tonight, you comin'? No, that guy's a total grampire, don't fall asleep over there.
by A Ling January 16, 2010
A small penis, the end.
Hey, I thought you were into that one guy.
Nope, he's sportin' a total deal breaker
by A Ling January 18, 2010

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