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While violence is bad, gun control is worse. When something is illegal, it does not disappear, it goes underground. I do not know why liberals should have such a difficult time relating to this concept. If someone is bold enough to risk their life to commit murder, it is probably safe to say that they aren't afraid to break some silly gun law. This is dangerous in that it transfers weapons from the good citizens to the criminals. "Banning" AK-47s doesn't do a damn thing - except make YOU more vulnerable.

Let's not forget that the Constitution gives American citizens the right to bear arms. While some restrictions may not necessarily be unconstitutional, the notion that the Right to Bear Arms is a group right is absurd at best. What, only the police can have guns? The founding fathers are rolling over in their graves.

It's a slippery slope to curtail constitutional rights or to outright "declare" one amendment "outdated" or a "relic." How would you feel if President Bush all of a sudden said the First Amendment was incompatible with the War on Terror? After all, the Founding Fathers never could have seen 9/11...
Criminals have no conscience. It is only intuitive to say they are more afraid of an armed victim than they are of getting caught by the police.
An honest, law abiding citizen buys a gun illegally. He intends to harm no one. He simply wants to protect himself and his family. He is busted and sent to prison for doing absolutely nothing to hurt anyone else. There is no punishment for gun violations that can possibly be fair. I don't know why anti-punishment liberals find nothing wrong with this.
Any punishment for a gun violation is inherently cruel and unusual, rendering gun control unconstitutional at best.

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