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"Down the Beach" is a phrase originating from California surf culture, used to define someone who is a kook, generally meaning that they should beat it and go surf down the beach. In context, it is often shouted indirectly, as a statement to your friends or other surfers indicating there are kooks in the water. Hopefully the kooks hear you and get the message. On occasion it is shouted directly at the person, which basically means beat it and go surf somewhere else.
ex. 1: "Down the Beach!" (or just DTB)

ex. 2: "Oh shit, check out who's paddling out; Down the Beach!"

ex. 3: That guy is so down the beach (often abbreviated as DTB).

ex 4: "Yeah, check out this guy - DOWN THE BEACH!"

ex 5: "Fuckin' beat it kook, Down the Beach"
by A K Jackson November 02, 2007

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