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2 definitions by A HUMAN

Any individual who is interested in establishing a mutual sexual relationship with a person who is of a physically younger age.
The World Health Organization defines adolescence as the period of life between 10 and 20 years of age. With this said any one who sexually interacts with some one else in this age range is in the "instinctual norm", if you well. Therefore the deviation into pedaphile begins when the 10’s & 20’s and the 30’s & 40’s engage in sexual activities. As you can see it is virtually impossible for anyone with a logical frame of mind to be apposed to the act of this definition!
by A HUMAN January 01, 2006
a bitch,a motherfucker,a filter,a person who sucks dick,a person who has aids,a sperm toilet
she is limin
she fucks so many guy and people says she is limin
by a human March 11, 2008