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The process of self pleasure for men and women.
Joey had loved Monica for over 10 years now, and Monica was nearing to leave the country, forever.

On Monica's last night in America, Joey confronted Monica in her apartment, to tell her his true feelings in hopes that it would convince her to stay. Surprised, Monica listened to his words, and began to tenderly kiss Joey.

Joey immediately locked the door and began to kiss Monica harder, and then began frenching her more and more, until they tripped on a pair of Monica's shoes and landed on the hard floor.

Joey began to unbutton Monica's blouse, but Monica stopped him.

"Wait..." Monica said.

Realising the truth of Joey's feelings, she stood up and walked to her bedroom, not saying a word. To Joey's surprise, she showed up a minute later, with nothing on but a lace thong.

Joey ran to her and jumped on her, as Monica went at full force, unbuttoning Joey's pants with her teeth. Monica threw his clothes on the ground and began frenching him even harder.

Joey pulled off Monica's thong and stuck his huge cock up into Monica's vagina, forcefully shoving it up and down. Monica screamed in excitement, having never been fucked this hard before.

Joey was interrupted by Monica as she grabbed his penis and began to lick it. She gave him a hand job as he smirked a devilish smile. Monica began to massage his pubic area and Joey began to suck on her nipples.

Monica could feel the cum rushing out and Joey could as well. They began to shoot cum wildly at each other, and they both licked at each single bit of it.

Once again, Joey and Monica went back to their wild sex, stroking each others parts forcefully and fighting over who was on top.


And so he did.

And for the second time, Joey and Monica reached Orgasm and cummed wildly at each other.

Exhausted, they both licked up whatever was left and jumped on top of one another, breathing heavily. With no energy left to have sex, Joey and Monica fell asleep.

And to make Joey's night even better, Monica stayed in America.
by A Guilty Man May 30, 2009

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