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A person.. especially a girl.. who likes to stir up stuff between other people just to be the center of attention
Vonder Haars
by A Girl December 08, 2003
someone who thinks he's cool.. but really, really not, and goes around doing things JUST to piss people off.
an example... the asshole CJ
by a girl February 22, 2005
In the real world, CSI or crime scene investigators, gather and analyze crime scene evidence and hand it over to the detectives and other proper authorities, but in the tv show, they take on all the aspects of a case, even interrogating and arresting suspects.
Last night on csi, some guy got murdered and the csi team found and convicted the criminal.
by a girl July 25, 2004
stupid ass word that all juniors say and it has no real def. so stop sayin it
"yo lemme daink with that girl ova there"

"lets go daink 2nite"

(dave pullito thinkin hes cool goin up to girls he hardly talks to) "DAINK" ( and walks away_

(answering c-unit) "daink...yea this is ___"
by a girl March 21, 2003
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