1 definition by A GaState student

A university full of monkeys that broke out from a zoo.

They call themselves "one of the most diverse university," but that's utter bullshit.
The ratio of black to non-black is literally 100:1

It's embarrassing to get a degree there, that's why all the non-black students take their core classes on their first year, then transfer to a REAL college like University of Georgia, or Georgia Institute of Technology.

The place is a ghost town on weekends, either everyone leaves to go to Athens, or go to Georgia Tech campus.
Also, their football program is a joke. They can't win shit, and funny thing is, no students attend their own football game. Georgia State BRIBE their students to attend their football games by dropping $10,000 in a stadium every once in a while. What an embarrassment. If you think I'm lying, type in "Georgia State University Cash Drop" on YouTube.

If you're thinking about going to Georgia State, please apply to UGA instead or even Georgia Southern, because if you're not a nigger, you will hate it here, I can guarantee you on that.
*At a job interview*
Interviewer: "So, where did you get your Bullshit degree from?"
A Georgia State graduate: "At Georgia State University"
Interviewer: "I'm sorry, you are not qualified for this job, you have to get a degree from a real university."

*At Georgia State University campus*
White boy: "Wow, look at all these monkeys, is this a zoo?"
Black tour guide: "No, you racist piece of shit. They're niggers"
White boy: "Wow, this university is terrible; they might as well call it Ghetto State University, or Nigger State University. I'm applying to University of Georgia instead."
by A GaState student November 02, 2013

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