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Any University of Utah fan who is more concerned with whether or not BYU is losing than whether Utah is winning. Derived from "Ute," Utah's mascot. The term does not apply to all University of Utah fans, only the ones who obsessively troll the internet looking for venues in which to defame the BYU Cougars and all associated with them, giving the appearance that they do it for a living, which, of course, they do. No Yewt has ever led a successful and fulfilling life while in the state of being a Yewt; only after they denounce such behavior can they be contributing members of society.

See definitions of the word "zoobie" for an example of Yewt behavior. Yewts are the ones responsible for writing such entries in the dictionary. Notice the single-minded obsession with mocking all things BYU with skewed and false claims, as well as opinion presented as fact. If one were to ask them who wrote this entry, they'd say "one of those f*cking zoobs."
"BYU sucks, man. All the students there are mindless sheep who don't think for themselves. Those idiots don't live any sort of life worth living. Their rules are stupid; anyone that goes there is wasting their life."

"Quit being such a Yewt and find a hobby. Or a girlfriend. "
by A Dumb Zoob May 26, 2011

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