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The actual medical term for having sand inside of the vaginal cavity. Causes extreme discomfort, making the patient become an irritable bitch, most of the time. Most direct side effects of Sand-A-Vagnosis; Bitching, Moaning, and complaining, in very seriously case becoming a stupid cunt can result. If so see a doctor immediately!
Watch out, she comes from a long line of of woman predisposed to chronic Sand-A-Vaganosis.

Why are you being such a bitch, bad case of Sand-A-Vaganosis?

Me: What the fuck, we didn't even go to the beach!
Her: What's that have to do with anything?
Me: We should at least go to the beach if you going to get Sand-A-Vaganosis!
#sand in your vag #sand in your vagina #bitching #cun #complaning
by A Dog October 29, 2007
When it is so hot and humid outside, one’s testicles stick to the side of their leg as if made of dough.
“Sorry I’m walking funny, but I’ve got a serious case of doughnads!”
#sweaty #balls #hot #humid #generic tag
by A Dog October 23, 2007
meaning cute and/or cute and little
gurl 1: OMG!! Look at that girl!! Her outfit is soooo beady!!
gurl 2: I know!! i mean, look at those jeans, those must have cost her a fortune!!
#cute #adorable #hot #sexy #someone you'd want to get laid with
by A dog October 28, 2007
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