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Located near downtown Columbus, Ohio, it is a small suburban city filled mostly with middle-upper class white families. It has one high school, naturally named Upper Arlington High School. The city draws much jealousy from the surrounding suburbs such as HIlliard, Dublin, Worthington, etc. because of the economic success of the families residing in UA. ANother thing that draws jealousy from the other suburbs is that Upper ARlington High School consistently and continually rapes other high schools at sports such as Lacrosse, Football, Swimming, Water Polo, Hockey etc. It's 100+ Div. 1 state championships are a record in Ohio high schools, and therefore cats from across the scioto and olentangy rivers whine and try to insult UA.
Also has the lowest percentage of anorexic girls in central Ohio
worthington guy: hey sweetie, let's go to Upper Arlington and make fun of the architectural quality of their houses cuz our football team hasn't beat them in 39 years.
Dublin guy: thats a good idea hunny, I wanna get back at them for continually raping us up the butt in lacrosse
Hilliard guy: speaking of "up the butt" you guys wanna get some at my house later tonight.
by A Dawg and A Bro April 17, 2008
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