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Farts which emerges from one's butt, and not another orifice.
After eating a large can of beans, Steve made many loud and disgusting buttfarts.
#fart #flatus #buttfart #butt #flatulence #pass gas
by A Cow Told Me To Write This August 13, 2007
The correct pronounciation of Ke$ha, the talent-challenged autotuned bimbette behind such entries in the Opposite-of-Great American Songbook as "Tik Tok", "Your Love is My Drug" and "We R Who We R".
I can't stand Kedollarsha. Her songs suck, she's a cow, and she can't hit the right note without a computer to do it for her.
#kesha #kedollarsha #singing #music #no talent bimbo #autotune #slut #future trivia question
by A Cow Told Me To Write This December 18, 2010
A heterosexual who embodies all negative traits of heterosexuals, especially male ones.
I feel uncomfortable around Mike with his popped collar, fake tan, and Axe body spray; he's such a douchebreeder.
#heterosexual #douchebag #breeder #jerk #asshole #moron
by A Cow Told Me To Write This January 17, 2011
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