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1 definition by A Briton

An indigenous person born and raised here who is decended from generations of ancestors who have for thousands of years worked, fought and died to protect this great land. Not a foreigner who's just got off a plane at Heathrow, the underside of a truck at Dover or a banana boat in the 50's.
I concider myself British because I can trace my family tree in this country back some 400 years. My grandparents fought in WW2 and my great grandparents in WW1. I would not concider myself British if I was born and could trace my family roots in another country and merely came to this country in order to find work or improve my quality of life. Equally I would not claim to be, or expect to be recognised as Indian if I upped sticks and moved to Delhi, or Nigerian if I moved to Abuja.
by A Briton February 07, 2007