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Matt Tong is the drummer for London-based indie group Bloc Party.Matt Tong is known for his frantic yet intricate drumming.Matt Tong is the most talkative member of the group.Matt has described himself as the ''least ambitious'' member of the Bloc.Matt along with frontman Kele Okereke does the most interviews.Matt is the tallest member and the most likely to make you laugh.
Me: ...Matt Tong is one of the most underrated drummers today

Jeff: Who's he?

Me: Forget it
by A Bloc fan from Miami,Fl July 14, 2009
Born 22 June 1976.The bassist/multi-instrumentalist for the London-based indie rock group Bloc Party.Moakes is noted for his calm and collective persona.On and off stage.Moakes is a proud new father of one.Gordon was the third member to join the Bloc.Despite his cool persona Moakes can be quite energetic throwing his bass into the second drum kit for the song 'Sunday' when they decided not to play it at the Pompano Beach gig in May 2007 (which I attended).Gordon Moakes also plays the glockenspiel for songs like 'Signs', 'Waiting for the 7:18', and 'Talons'.Gordon often wears black Adidas sneakers/trainers.Gordon's common nick name is Gordy.
Bloc Party is buisiness!

I know! Did you see Gordon bash his bass into the drum-kit?!

Dude...its Gordon Moakes...
by A Bloc fan from Miami,Fl July 14, 2009

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