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The over-interest and utter unjustifiable LOVE for faesces: both human, animal or extra-terrestrial. Typical "Scat-Acts" include (but are not limited to): "SNIFF FOR SCAT" - this was on Childrens BBC with Pat Sharp in 1992, it involved young kids testing their sense of smell - if you found the magic goose turd you won a NES! "SCAT-RACING" - this involves the opening of one's gullet to engulf and wallow yourself in as much turd as possible in 60 seconds. The World Record is currently 12 stone of hedgehog, phillipine and rat CHOD in 58 seconds, held by Christoff Von Baron of Berlin, Germany.
James came home from school to ask his mother if he could watch SNIFF FOR SCAT before having his supplemetary dinner of SCAT SANDIWICES washed down with a SCAT-SHAKE. Little did he know this was feeding his addiction for all things brown....years later he can be found with a giant straw balls deep in latrines behind the Afghan lines, slurping down curry slurry at every opporunity.
by A . Bone March 21, 2007
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