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1 definition by A 'Croft Pseudonym

A Private School in North Carolina that attempts to teach future socialites and train future fascists CEO's to be even more pretentious than they already are. Don't let the 30k a year tuition fool you, these aren't your average selfish corrupt douche bags, they are so much better. With their easily entertained student body and laughable academic staff, does it make anyone wonder why they turn out the way they do? So don't be manipulated by their six figure family-income status, sleeping your way to the top was an elective at this school. So while others work hard to get what they deserve, the gluttonous pricks from here merely buy their talent and paint on a smile. It's a toxic environment and everyone who goes there becomes part of a disease. I would know, I went there.
Amy: I can't believe Alex is about to graduate from Ravenscroft.

Dan: ha! I know, the silver spoon is suppose to be in her mouth, not up her ass.
by A 'Croft Pseudonym December 28, 2009