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The combination of input and output, as in a person's interaction with a computer.
We analyzed the transput that occurred between the web site and the user.

This conversation has a lot of transput.

On a scale of transput, his communications are decidedly ouput-heavy.
by A December 06, 2001
the art of staying up all night and accomplishing absolutley nothing, usually the night before an important event (ie, test or problem set) is due.
little stevie should have been doing his homework and gotten some sleep, but he was too busy slizacking.
by a May 14, 2004
measures quantity of squish, also known as squishy factor

normal squishy scales are drawn from 1 to 10, with 1 being least squishy and 10 being the most squishy.
that scores a solid 7 on the squishy scale.
by a March 12, 2000
Country bumpkin way of saying 'wow' or 'damn'
Shebang! my cousin/wife, this possum is the bestest I ever did et.
Well shebang dat must be the pertyest three legged dog i done ever seen.
by A October 14, 2003
A slang word for an alcoholic drink.
God! Look at her. She's downing
the flamboozle all right!
by A January 31, 2005
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