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one day, a man who was feeling kind of ill, he tought he might have the flu was really horny and his wife would not have sex with him because he was sick.

So he went out to his barn and walked over to a pig, and fucked it. Not knowing the pig had the flu. After that he was still hella horny and he wanted something new, so he decided to fuck a chicken.

Again, not knowing the chicken was sick. After he had his way with the chicken he was still kind of horny and he really liked the way the pig felt so he went back and fucked the pig.

The pig was now infected with, the swine flu.
A couple of days later, he wanted to have sex with his wife, but again she wouldn't let him.
So he went off and found Chris Brown.
And fucked Chris Brown. (Who liked it btw) And then Chris Brown came back to the US with the swine flu.
omg..i haz the flu of the swine!
..dude you're gunna die
dude: why?
guy: you has the swine flu o_o
by Aввιgαтσя May 06, 2009
A fagina full of aids belongs to a person that has been infected with the aids virus. Once you get the aids virus you become a fagina full of aids. Also a fagina full of aids is a cup that represents a vagina and a strainer represents the condom. When cream is poored into the condom it falls into the glass too through the strainer causing the fagina to become full of aids.
You are a fagina full of aids.
"Do you want a fagina full of AIDS?!?!"
"Then don't use a condom :@"
by Aввιgαтσя May 04, 2009
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