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Loudon County High School its in Leesburg, Va its in a pretty wealthy town but almost every one tries to act like they are from the hood
person 1- Hey man I is be livin in da ghetto we have to go through metal detectors to go to school
person 2- Don't you go to LCHS?
by A>R>E May 19, 2009
Possibly the greatest in-school detention teacher ever. Mr. Steele is bald his head can be rubbed for luck. He should be made into an actual teacher.
by A>R>E May 16, 2009
Trying to solve a problem with an opposite course of action and possibly making it worse.
Person 1: Lets get some spiders to eat the flies.
Person 2: But how do we get rid of the spiders.
Person 1: O yeah that's a real Bush to Obama right there

Obama Bush America
by A>R>E July 14, 2009
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