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A guy who is overly obsessed with the game of lacrosse. There are usually found wearing a small pinnie, pastel colored polos to show their inner man, frayed hats, flip-flops and college apparel to colleges they aren't smart enough to get into. Some common phrases they use are "getter done,gnarly ,stoked,sesh,flow,turf monster and wall ball." Intense lax bros go off to private schools because there home town team can't handle there massive lax skills. Most of them come home to reunite with the kids they grew up with but they realize they don't score high enough on the bro scale. Some nicknames made up by the non-laxers are douche bag, homosexuals, fags or shit heads. Every where they go they are hated on but they still convince themselves that they are the shit!
Lax Bro 1: Hey dude whats up?
Lax Bro 2: Nothing much just the ushhh ya know just re-stringing fluffy
Lax Bro 1: Sick! When your done you should come over and lax it up
Lax Bro 2:Yeah son!! i'm coming we should coordinate pastel colored pinnies.
Lax Bro 1: Gnarly I'm wearing sky blue<3
by A Lax Bros Sister July 13, 2010

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