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someone who twistes a situation.... basically a real bitch. they take something someone has said then twist it to what they want to make it sound worse nd basically cause arguments ALL the time. bitch
claire- i just dont really like hannah tht much shes ok i just prefer not being around her.
emily- aw dnt worry i feel the same
claire- dont tell
emily- dont worry i wont
emily(to sarah)- claire hates hannahs guts and thinks shes a TOTAL bitch lol!!! she want her to crawl into a little corner and slit herself coz she hates her sooo much!
(claire finds out wen hannah finds out)
hannah- omg u bitch i thort u liked me!!!!
claire- wat?
hannah- u want me to kill myself coz u hate my guts!
claire- i NEVA sed that
hannah- apparently u did!
claire- wel sum1 has been a twister coz i neva sed tht!!!!
by 99*-* December 07, 2006
a ledgend to the fashion world. i worship her. she deserves to be worshiped. she is AMAZING. i <33 kate moss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish i was her :(:( shes so BEAUTIFUL :(
kate moss is just tooooooo cool !!! :(
by 99*-* December 07, 2006
i didnt realise so many people thought redheads were hot. i thought guys thort that girls with red hair (and mines deep auburn NOT brown) were ugly... i rly did... so apparently redheads are hot! kewl! i have deep green eyes, pale skin, freckles, and thick, longish, straight hair...... do i sound hot to a guy then??? :P and yes i do have a short temper.... but i am also extremely fun and loud!!! man loud is understatment! so.. im a typical red hed. kewl :)
i am now a pround redhead. hell yea.
by 99*-* December 07, 2006
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