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A rich principality located in the south of france next to Nice where people are giant snobs and fags. A place where parents dress their babies in Dolce and Gabana shit and get ridiculously fast and expensive cars even if the speed limit in that region is 110 km/h. Teens in monaco would be considered flaming homos in any other part of the world just from the way they dress and act. Many people that live there never leave monaco, and are absolutely clueless about the outside world (starting from france). Some people just have a place there so that they dont pay taxes in other countries. Monegasques (people from monaco) basically think the world revolves around them and the "country" they're from, which is about 2 km squared, and that's their life. They're even proud of being snobby and blowing thousands of euros on clothes in one day. Worst part is: those are the guys (but the girls are pretty much like the guys, skanky little bitches that get everything they want from daddy)
tourist in monaco: excuse me could you tell me how to get to nice from here?
fag from monaco: erhhh there's a heliport somewhere in monaco but i'm not sure where
tourist: wow you fag.
by 98761234 March 24, 2010
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