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The code name for the jewish and bi curious Dylan Collins. He has an extremely pale penis, which is large at base but miniscule when reaching the head. He is very insecure, and without the support of Shortridge Academy, would undoubtably walk in front of an oncoming bullet train.

A Dildo Baggins or a Dildo Collins, is a very rare being, but if you listen hard enough, you will sure hear his bird like calls, as he accepts a veiny fat dick in his rear.

A little background on Dildo/Dylan Baggins, is that he can be a large asshole but mainly towards fat people. His reason being, is male mistress who resides in the country side of Baltimore Maryland, known as "Chode-Opolus" is recently going through gastric bypass surgery due to him weighing in at 740 pounds. Dylan and "Mr." Opolus were to get married secretly, however, on the night before their wedding, Mr Baggins inserted, attempted rather, to insert his blinding white too into Opolus's ass, however could not find it, so made the abrupt decision to stick in underneath one of his many luscious roles. His head was suffocated, and never has been the same. They broke up a day later, and to this day hates all those who are obese.
"I have a fucking Normal dick!"
"Stop bitchin, stop being such a Dildo Baggins."
by 97rc92 September 21, 2010

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