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Some one Who literaly 'feeds' off of Bleach manga/anime. this persons 'fix' lasts only moment and can only be satisfied by reading the next chapter or watching the next episode, having to wait my casue the person sever mental damage
oh my god the last chapter of bleach was so awsome!
cool, wanna go to the park?
yea yea, just lemme read the next chapter. NOOO
its not out till next week!
im gunan go cry
your such a Bleach whore!
by 95SH May 04, 2010
Wankstibation noun
The Wankstibation is a monotheistic religion, inculding solo, mutual and BDSM branches; founded on the teachings of the messiahs 'Alex Haribo' and Master 'M.C. Koi', is the belive that Megan Fox is the supreme, omnipotent,

omni-erotic deity. The religion involves the practice of masterbation as the primary mean of worship. The religion promotes being in touch with ones animal instincts and to satisfy basic sexual urges. To belong to the religion makes you a Wanksibator. Wankstabators rely on, including but not limited to: Pornography, Hentai and Atreyu for guidance in day to day life. religious holidays include: Masturbate-a-thon and wank week and Masturbate (Month May) the religion may be based on tantric sex.

There are several branches of Wankstibation all united under Megan Fox.
Megan Fox is a force of tremdous good, however like most religion there is an evil that comes in the form of the Anti-Wankster - Justin Beiber. Some believe him to be the devil himself, others belive he is just a squeaky voiced teen.
1. The Wankstibation religion including all of the Branches.
2. Wankstibators' belief.
3. The state of being a Wankstibator.
4. a Religion founded on the teachings of the messiahs 'Alex Haribo' and Master 'M.C. Koi'

Tim: you going to the pub later?
Wanksibator: Nah I have praying to be doing.

Tim: See you in work next week.
Wanksibator: I'm not in next week, it's Wank week.

A Wanksibators religion involves worshipping Megan Fox and accepting inner animal instincts.
by 95SH June 08, 2010

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