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Cave-Man is an sexual act done buy a male. To peform this act one must be nude and in a private place, then you would need to tuck you cock and balls or ball and hold your legs together so it looks like there is nothing there. The next step is to call a female (young girl, girl, landy or a old women) into the room, and when she sees you she should be willing to bed with you. its worked for the pasted 10,000 years so why stop now
randy: hey toby i got that bitch to come to the house last night

Toby: how did that go for you
Randy: no pussy
Toby: did you try the "cave man"
Randy wtf is a Cave-Man

Toby: its the only for sure way to get pussy, just tuck your dick and balls and hold your legs together and she will be dtf for sure
by 8th grade cave man January 12, 2011

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