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The condition of someone being frantically suspicious/cautious or intensely emo and shut-in.
This mental instability usually occurs when the victim is in small groups or alone.
A person who is paranoid may very well be convinced that they're being watched by a wide assortment of imaginary figures &/or "real" people.
Imaginary figures may include, but are not limited to:
ninjas, pirates, zombies, the FBI, aliens, shonen bat, pokemon, "nothing", cats in the ceiling, snow monsters, ghosts, demons, and/or secret organizations.
"Real" people may include a creepy old person you saw at the supermarket, that veteran who sits on the bench across that street, your uncle, the police, the FBI, joggers, TLA's(three-letter-agencies), your other uncle, gangsters(or gangstahz), black people, street bums, local, national, or international gangs, and Paranoia support groups.
Many fears can easily stem directly from paranoia. Contrary to popular belief, the fear of the dark is also a byproduct of paranoia.
Pirate nerd in a dark hallway: "It's just a bunch of ninjas... it's just a bunch of ninjas!!! Goddamn sneaky bastards!!!"

Paranoia Guy: "Those damn black people are trying to jump me!!!"
Non-Paranoid Guy: "Dude, they're on a Television show, calm down."

Emo Phillips: "I was walking home one night and a guy hammering on a roof called me a paranoid little weirdo. In morse code."

FBI: "We are not watching your every movement, Mr.Alex Beresnev of Columbia, Maryland."
by 8ofSpades February 10, 2010
An enemy spell-caster that will repeatedly use the same attack during every encounter.
Most unfortunate victims will have these as reoccurring characters.
Can also be used to address people(mostly women) for doing the same thing repeatedly.
Mistral: "Cast- Firestorm! Cast- Firestorm! Cast- Firestorm! Cast- Firestorm! Cast- Firestorm! Cast- Firestorm! Cast- Firestorm! Cast- Firestorm!"

Jim: "GODDAMNIT! Stop being such a spamwitch!"
by 8ofSpades July 21, 2010
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