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3 definitions by 80's Man

One of the greatest guitar player ever. Unmatched in raw energy and an incredible speed/power player.
Thunderstruck, Back in Black, Highway to Hell. View ACDC live at donnington to see the man in action.
by 80's Man January 08, 2004
1. One of the greatest rock bands of the 80's. Which means one of the best ever because new music sucks!

2. Caught a bad rep because critics are cynnical assholes!
Performed such classics as - Renegade, Come Sail Away, Rockin in Paradise, Mr. Roboto.
by 80's Man January 15, 2004
1. A dance move made popular in the 80's by Styx ( domo arigato Mr. Roboto )

2. Lame retards still perform this move, however to be "hip-hop" they modified the name to "pop and lock" douchebags!
Old guy sees new kid doing the robot...

Old Guy - Hey the robot! Wow arent you too young for that?

Douchebag Kid - Nah, b. It's called pop and lock. I'm gangsta!
by 80's Man January 15, 2004