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5 definitions by 8 stair

Originated by the Egyption Prince Silas, known only for being dumb and having abnormaly large lips. It was initially just a mis-pronouciated word however it has more meaning and power behind it
"It does appear you have drowned in the bath tub, you are very gutterund!"

"Oh my you have fallen on your face...gutterund!"
by 8 stair July 25, 2004
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To be "faster than".
Amoung many others this word was also created by the Egyption Prince of Dates and was often related to the speed of his camels.
"Bloody camels, a fish could walk fasterun you"
by 8 stair July 26, 2004
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Based on the skateboarding maneuver the "kickflip" the Egyption Prince Silas had so much trouble mastering the stunt he could not say it correctly.
"God, you carn' even kickfrip straight"
by 8 stair July 26, 2004
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To be "harder than".
Usually said relating to the state of ones belongings.
Originated by Silas Henderusynono(pron. hen-der-rusy-no-no)the Egyption Prince.
"my wang is much harderun yours"
"I'n almost harderun sliced brown bread with little seeds in"
by 8 stair July 26, 2004
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To be "better than".
Like the phrase Gutterund it was originated by the Egyption Prince Silas. It was also just a mis-pronouciation of "better than", possibly pronounciated incorrectly due to the Egyption Prince's abnormaly large lips.
Other words/phrases from the Egyption Prince are;
How an i?
"Shut up, i'n much Betterun you"
by 8 stair July 26, 2004
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