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A large cut or scar across the face, usually caused by a blade or razor, which needs (or needed) 150 stitches (hence "a buck fifty).
Hey wanted his money...so I gave him a buck fifty...right across the face...
#razor #slash #blade #wound #scar #cut
by 7mile Massacre March 22, 2006
1. What you tell a person who is always blabbing about everything and nothing!

2. Wise instructions to someone who is talking nonsense.

3. When Sandy starts running her yap, Robert needs to remind her to shutupandkeepshutting up so he can think straight.
When Sandy started telling Robert what he needed to do he told her to shutupandkeepshuttingup!
#shutup #mouth #closed #blab #nonsense #blabbermouth
by 7mile Massacre March 28, 2006
A phrase designed to embarass someone who is always bragging about a famous person they encountered or a famous place they went.

Sandy: Guess what? I slipped on a banana peel and fell on my face right in front of DANNY BONADUCE!

Robert: Uh, YOU DROPPED SOMETHING. You might want to pick it up..cause YOU DROPPED SOMETHING.
#bragging #celebrity #jocking #asskissing #famous
by 7mile Massacre April 12, 2006
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