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3 definitions by 7OuterElements

A ninja from Kenya, or one who has been trained in the Kenyan ninja arts.

Widely known for possessing above average reflexes, including the ability to snatch and kill small insects out of the air.
I just got back from my trip to Kenya and learned some sweet ninja moves. Don't fuck with me now, I'm totally a Kenja!
by 7OuterElements June 02, 2010
9 5
One that is a complete badass, yet an irredeemably stupid fucker.
I'm back. I got past the twitards, pulled some Solid Snake shit on a zairate... and forgot my beer.

...Dude, you're such a badumbass.
by 7OuterElements August 18, 2010
1 0
Someone that is at once incredibly dumb, but a total badass at the same time.
I had to fight off six rhinos, slaughter a horde of fangirls, and even duel a kenja, but I got my Mickey Mouse watch back!

...Dude, you're a complete dumbadass.
by 7OuterElements August 18, 2010
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