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A female that gets around with bro's a lot. There's no such thing as a bro hoe who doesn't put out. Bro hoe's DON'T always do weed. They're usually dressed in name brand clothing apparell with their boobs half hanging out. They like a lot of reputation. They're really hot and don't care that the bro's they hook up with are dicks because the bro's are sexy, and that's all that counts. They have lots of "friends" that they're always talking shit on. They don't really care about music, they just grind to it, or act like they're into whatever the bro's are into. They're skanks! They're only good for blunpkins, handskis, beeg's, sex, and One Night Stands.
BROdy: "Wanna have sex?"
Jill: "yeah..."
BROdy: "Alright!"

Next day...
Chadsters: "did you get any pussy at that party last night bro?"
BROdy: "for sure man! In the back of my toyota tundra, with a three inch lift!"
Chadsters: "hell yeah, man! What a night to remember!"
BROdy: "kind of like our favorite band! A Day To Remember!
Random militant eavesdropper: "Wow, what fuckin pozurs! A Day To Remember probably hates Bro's!"
Random millie eavesdropper 2: "And how! And Jill!... Total BRO HOE!"
Random millie kid 1: "tell me about it, story of my life!
by 7837283857193 July 27, 2009

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