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a) The large shaft protruding from a steering gearbox that converts forward/rearward action into a side to side reciprocating action to actuate the steering linkage.

b) The pulsating erect cock of a horny truck mechanic.
a) It appears that the sector shaft is damaged from the wreck.

b) Horny girl-C'mon baby, give me the sector shaft.
by 782 February 03, 2011
The act of covering your cock with honey and course ground, unbleached cane sugar, then vigorously thrusting it in a asshole, creating a slick, yet stimulating sensation, ending in a colorfully swirled and sweet creampie.
One girl to another"That fucking Andy pulled a Sandylempert on me last week and I still cant shit right.
by 782 February 03, 2011

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