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there are too much words to describe Tupac..but simply he was a genius of his time. who knows what he could have accomplished if he was still alive today.
"it aint about black or white cuz were human, i hope we see the light before its ruined."
by 760 ALL DAY January 22, 2005
simply a racist black person.( usually targeting white people.)
its just fine for them to call white people names because of their skin color, but if a white guy does then he will get shot? WTF
by 760 ALL DAY January 20, 2005
that song on the show cops
inner circle-bad boys(cops theme)

i love that show
by 760 ALL DAY January 22, 2005
the most G'd up city in SD county..located in north county san diego, San Marcos is the shit!
SM fo life! TPL is goin put the NO.C. on top. reppin all my neighboring cities and my hometown SM.
by 760 ALL DAY January 18, 2005
abreviation for San Marcos! the pimpest city in san diego. 760 represent!
wadup wit you cuz? SM da shit, everyone know. NO.C.SD aLL dAy!
by 760 ALL DAY January 22, 2005

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