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a beverage that allows individuals to feel heterosexual desires. Commonly offered or spilled on gay people, or people acting gay.
He just really doesn't like boobs... we should get him some straighterade.
by 72886 January 19, 2008
to be be caught offguard in awe at another individual because of a strong sudden uncontrollable sexual desire
"damn homie, the second i saw that ass, i was LUSTruck like whoa" said the thug about the thuggette with a nice butt
by 72886 October 20, 2008
the proper way to say shorty, the way t-pain and the likes say it...

You take this word "shade" and say it phonetically.

SHA - DE !

also sounds like: "shah + day"
katie couric is my SHADE!
by 72886 June 10, 2009

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