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1) To be too lazy to even think about doing things that would actually help you, not others or the community. To be yood is to be a frowned-upon by others that acually move their body once a year, you lazy bum!! Go eat a chicken sandwich! oh wait! that right! you cant cause youre too YOOD to even go make it!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
Come on, you yood. I don't want to be in the back of the line for hotdogs!
by 7'1'' George Washington December 24, 2007
A killing machine that will not stop until its prey is killed. Many have thought that they were Dispatcherators, but it turns out that they were just regular killing machines that just got bored.
holy crap, run dude its Doctor Whinopeum! HE'S A DISPATCHERATOR!
by 7'1'' George Washington December 23, 2007
1) The act of attempting suicide, but failing, killing one's dearest animal friend.

2) Attempting to bungee jump from 10,000 feet, and dying either on impact or from lack of oxygen.
"I hear tom commited squicide yesterday..." "OH NO! How is Mr. Fluffles?!?!"
by 7'1'' George Washington June 11, 2008
1) a horde of chickens fighting over the bologna sandwich of the new millennium, but it's bad bologna, and one of the chickens is to be frozen later.
"dude, i'm goin to a fardunkle later...you in?"
by 7'1'' George Washington June 10, 2008
A commonly used word describing anal seepage of the multi-colored variety. Scoodop is commonly found in undersea caves off of the coast of Washington.
Dude, look at all that scoodop under your couch!
by 7'1'' George Washington December 23, 2007
An African American whose parents are from Latin America. The converse may also apply: A Latino whose parents are African-American.
The Blexican in Equilibrium was destroyed! I am choosing to allow this.
by 7'1'' George Washington December 23, 2007
A fat lizard who is extremely concerned with his/her relationship status
DUDE! I need an answer from Shelly. Is she going to marry me or not?! I'm turning into a snaoghe!
by 7'1'' George Washington May 04, 2008

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