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An excess flood of spam.
Usually occurs during a chat or when opening your email inbox.
(In a chatroom)
6ubl3rf4n: I know, so cool
DarkLight: mah fav movie 2
random spammer: *&^*(OIUGHUIHGtghy97tfy7y9u9ugt7yfut7ig
random spammer: UIHGY(&T&YUIH&y80iout798^&(*^*Uihgyihgt79y*U
random spammer: T&*OUIYT*UOIHGTY*89uiokj
random spammer: ty9oihgft7989
DarkLight: hey! stop that
random spammer: UYOIHGYui809iuhoj
DarkLight: wat going on?
6ubl3rf4n: Oh noes! run its a spamalanche!

(when opening your inbox)
George: What th--? 20 new emails?
Jayne: 20? Who're they from?
George: Ah, forget about it. They're all spam...
Jayne: (laughes) you've just been hit by a spamalanche
by 6ubl3rf4n April 15, 2009

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