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The sound created while a man's penis is inserted in a woman's anus and the woman farts quickly and repeatedly. This sound is created by the air escaping though the small openings between the penis and anus, creating a high, squeaking noise resembling the sound of a laser gun.
I was plowing Ellen last night, and she shot out a huge laser gun!
by 6HyungPaq9 June 03, 2010
Bhe act of saving a life when a person is drowning or choking by repetitively thrusting one's penis in and out of the person's throat. The thrusting creates a plumbing effect that forces the obstruction to move up the throat. This action is in no way sexual; it should only be used during times of grave danger.
Dude! Ellen was drowning at the pool today! Luckily, the lifeguard pulled her out of the water and started plumbing her until she coughed up the water.
by 6HyungPaq9 June 03, 2010

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