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a cleaver deviation from the infamous racial slur, 'nigga', which derives from 'nigger.' seemingly less offensive than the former two words yet still conveying the meaning. may also be used in the form, lil' nig nig
mehdi, why you being such a damn nig nig?
by 6f April 04, 2005
a delicious cinnamon roll treat found underneath your black roomate's bed
them niggas is wilin' they ate half my box of big texas!

shit son, i need a big texas for breakfast tomorrow
by 6f April 03, 2005
a variation on the word choch which derives from the spanish word for vagina...therefore, this DOES refer to vaginas, the crotch region, AND people who are assholes
mehdi: smoke my hoss bitch
sara: sure, but only if you eat my chotch loud and wipe the female juices all over your face
by 6f April 04, 2005
gay boyfriend
That boy's a fruitcake, but he's no Springs.
by 6F March 04, 2004

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