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Hannah Montana is a Disney Channel show about an 8th grade/9th grade girl, Miley Stewart, who is hiding a big secret; she's actually the famous pop singer Hannah Montana. The show is about her everyday life and how she hides her secret from everyone and deals with regular problems like friends, boys, family, and school.

To all the lame gay people who diss this show:
Okay, seriously, GET A FUCKING LIFE. I mean, okay, you hate Hannah Montana. That's great. Now can you move on? Oh no, you can't. You have to go fucking Urban Dictionary to write a definition about how much you hate it? I mean, okay, you hate a show. It's called getting over it. The world will not change for you and producers are not going to erase a show because some pathetic losers don't like it. If you don't like the show, you change the fucking channel. You don't go "Oh man, I hate this show. I'll watch it for the 40th time and then go write about it in Urban Dictionary." Seriously, get over yourself. Grow up. Don't watch the show.
It's really simple.
Try it and see.
Kay thanks. (:
Hannah Montana received 5 million viewers on the night of it's first show.

I hate the show Hannah Montana, but I'm going to watch it anyways but complain later.
by 69koolkat June 29, 2007

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