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3 definitions by 69erandthenDineher

The act of jizzing in a womans mouth so much to where you coat her throat with your immense load.
"Dude do you wanna go coat the throat of my new GF??"
by 69erandthenDineher July 27, 2009
10 1
Dat wooden tip that feels dayum good up between yo lips!
Friend 1: "Gosh dayum I be lovin that black and mild wood tip. From now on it's only wood goin in my mouf!"

Friend 2: "Aw dizaaamn yo i gotsta get me summadat woodtip wit my tongue playaaa!"
by 69erandthenDineher March 24, 2011
5 1
When a girl is giving you a blowjob and she starts getting hella toothy.
Friend 1: " Yo homie how did last nite go with your girl?"

Friend 2:" She was givin me a blow job and all of a sudden she started goin all gator teeth on me! It hurt like a skazz and i sweat at one point the bit the tip yo!"
by 69erandthenDineher March 24, 2011
2 1