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A name referring to any elitist, fascist pig or ignorant white trash, racist, homophobic, loudmouthed, redneck Christianazi moron. A low life scumbag who cares nothing about anyone or anything beyond their own greed, hate and desire to impose their hideous, sick, totalitarian horse shit on others.
Unfortunately for me, I live inTexas and therefore I have the extreme displeasure of being surrounded by Republidouches.
by 69Marauder April 20, 2011
A name that refers to any male homosexual who shows his supreme greed, ignorance and complete lack of integrity by identifying himself as a "Log Cabin Republican". A sell-out, who would sell his own mother into slavery if he thought he'd make a profit. Comparable to a "Jewish Nazi".
Patrick is a Republiqueen, and therefore should be told where to shove the logs from his cabin. Come out of your "Log Closet" loser!
by 69Marauder May 19, 2011
Another one of the countless names for a womans labia (or pussy lips).
The cunt muncher, (turned on by the smell of rotting fish,) hungrily kissed her netherlips.
by 69Marauder February 24, 2011
Bungholiosis is a term used to describe the unpleasant odor exhaled in breathing, after eating a dirty ass.
After receiving numerous complaints about the shitty smell of his breath, the patient was diagnosed with chronic Bungholiosis.
by 69Marauder March 07, 2011

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