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When you take a 2006 Dodge RAM 2500 6-speed to a fancy hotel or restaurant and have a valet park it. You then walk away from the truck and then hear a hideous grinding sound and see a couple of gears or bolts fall from the transmisson.
Keith performed the proper valet on Pete's truck. The truck has never been the same and Andy is very pissed off
by 69BriGuy69 November 21, 2007
When you invite two hookers or call-girls over your house for the evening. You then have the women stand on a glass table while you lay beneath the table, looking up. You then proceed to have the women shit on the tabletop while you watch for your enjoyment.
Pete invited two girls over to perform a Sly Stallone for him. He then told them he already ate dinner and had them leave.
by 69BriGuy69 March 04, 2009
The past tence form of springboard
Pete sprangboarded Brian's stage 4 clutch and ripped 5th gear out.
by 69BriGuy69 November 21, 2007
On a steep hill, in a manual transmissoned car, start the car out in 3rd gear instead of 1st. Causing the clutch to rip out.
Mike did a cookiecutter on BriGuy's Mustang and destroyed his tranny.
by 69BriGuy69 November 21, 2007
When you floor a 6-speed until it redlines with the clutch in. then move your foot to the side (not up) off of the clutch, giving a massive burnout.
Pete springboarded his Dodge 2500 RAM until the tranny fell out
by 69BriGuy69 May 27, 2007

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